Aluma During Service

Aluma During Service

Ages 18-21


The Aluma During Service programs Qualifies female and male soldiers during their military service, as well as volunteers during the national-civic service. They receive extensive professional training that provides them with the knowledge, tools and skills to help them perform their duties in a highly professional manner. In most of the programs, Aluma accompanies the soldiers and volunteers throughout the period of service and provides them with a professional and mature solution that helps them cope with the service challenges. In addition, Aluma serves as an address for graduates of Aluma youth programs during the service and supports them through personal guidance, as needed, and during seminars and periodic meetings.

:Aluma During Service programs

Bat Ami

Bat Ami works to promote social change, the values ​​of mutual responsibility and social justice, through the implementation of volunteers in programs of preparation for service, programs of national-civic service, and continued follow-up of service. Bat Ami emphasizes all its programs on volunteerism, leadership, empowerment and action.

Morot Chayalot Tarbut Toranit

Religious 12th graders are debating about the service framework. The choice between a significant service in the IDF and national service in a religious civilian framework is not easy. The service as a religious soldier teacher allows the two to combine. The service of teachers of religious soldiers combines self-fulfillment with full military service "in uniform"

Morot Chayalot

The unit was established in 1951 in the spirit of David Ben-Gurion's vision of the IDF as a "people's army" that is also involved in national missions. The female instructors in the various tracks of the unit deal with bridging the educational and social gaps of immigrant students,

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