"Bat-Ami" (Aluma-Emuna) promotes social change, as well as the values of mutuality and social justice, by operating volunteer-based programs of preparation for service, Sherut Leumi (National Service) programs, and post-service guidance programs. "Bat-Ami" programs place an emphasis on contribution, leadership, empowerment and action, while providing an equal opportunity for all high school graduates to serve in Sherut Leumi. Girls and boys, religious and non-religious, Jews and Arabs, olim and native Israelis, at-risk youth and youth with disabilities – all begin adult life from an equal starting point, and become integrated into the heart of Israeli society. "Bat-Ami" is a pioneer in its field, extending Sherut Leumi to additional sectors of Israeli society unable to serve in the army; for them, service in "Bat-Ami" frameworks provides a "jump-start" to adult life and an entry ticket into Israeli society. "Bat-Ami" conducts innovative volunteer programs for youths, offering assistance with enlistment and placement, as well as guidance and empowerment, while identifying areas of strength and utilizing the period of service as a dynamic force encouraging social leadership. The wide range of groups operating today within "Bat-Ami" offer a response to the diverse facets of Israeli society, as well as the challenges therein; together with many partners, we have become one of the primary forces behind change within the Israeli social ethos and perception of volunteering in Sherut Leumi!

Unique "Bat-Ami" programs:

 - 30 Sherut Leumi centers incorporating approximately 500 volunteers

 - 4 preparatory programs for members of the Ethiopian community, providing an opportunity to complete or improve bagruyot (matriculation exams) and attend educational programs on the topics of personal empowerment and community leadership

 - 300 special-needs Sherut Leumi volunteers

 - 220 at-risk teenagers integrated into Sherut Leumi, accompanied by professional and personal guidance

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Program manager: Benny Nachtayler

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