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The Aluma organization, founded in 1983 by the Religious Kibbutz Movement, strives for the existence of a strong and flourishing Israeli society. It is the organization's belief that through the advancement of unique groups within Israeli society – towards the acquisition of life skills, an endeavor for excellence, and integration in spheres of meaningful service, education and employment – social mobility will become possible and Israeli society as a whole, comprised of its individual components, will benefit.

Each year, Aluma provides assistance and support to approximately 40,000 young men and women between the ages of 16 and 30, from all segments of the Israeli population, offering them the opportunity of an equal ticket into mature civilian life in Israeli society. Aluma accompanies and guides these young men and women through the various crossroads characteristic of their age group – from high school through military or national service, to higher education and integration in the workforce – out of a recognition of the significance of informed decisions made at these stages of life, especially for sectors of society liable to be left behind, due to lack of resources, awareness, or motivation. Aluma encourages all young men and women participating in its programs to join circles of contribution, action and influence – and views them as partners for effecting social change.

Aluma operates in collaboration with relevant factors to achieve its goals – primarily, state institutions, out of the conviction that the country's commitment to its youth is an essential component for the success of necessary social change.

Aluma programs are divided into three branches: "Aluma for Youth," "Aluma during Service," and "Aluma for Young Adults." Each branch offers a number of programs, oriented towards various target populations, including teenagers and youth from the periphery, youth of Ethiopian descent, religious girls, and Israeli-Arab youth, among others.

Aluma provides participants in the programs with the necessary information and tools to make educated decisions, as well as mental preparation to enhance motivation and direction towards meaningful service and higher education, suitable to the special needs of the participants and corresponding to their personal preferences. Aluma programs operate in both individual and group formats, conforming to the unique characteristics of each sector of society. Aluma's certified staff instructs participants, by means of courses and professional workshops, throughout the year.

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